#Covidessert – Borough Chocolate

At the end of the rainbow.

Our experience

If there has been a silver lining of this past year, it has been the joy of receiving of dessert care packages on the weekend from the NYC bakeries and patisseries still open to satisfy dessert cravings, such as SupermoonFour & Twenty BlackbirdsKitsby, and Bien Cuit.  But, with many other pastry chefs finding themselves out of work or furloughed for a time, there has also been a burgeoning population of home-based dessert purveyors.  We have sampled the all-American sweetness from Dre’s Dessert, the nostalgic Asian-flavoured ice creams from Sundae Service, and recently, some very pretty chocolates from Borough Chocolates.  

The smallest offering from Borough Chocolates is a box of 9 chocolates for $27, and the largest is a 32 piece box for $96.  We selected a box of 9 assorted chocolates.  Factoring in Fedex’s 2-day delivery postage cost of $12, our order came to just under $40. However, if you are in the neighbourhood, Borough Chocolates does offer a local pick-up option. Closely resembling the pretty dome-shaped baubles from from Stick With Me (one of our favourite NYC chocolatiers), Borough Chocolates’s chocolates are vibrantly coloured in bold or ombre tones, and embellished with painterly streaks. They possess a moderate flavour strength. Being more inclined towards strongly-flavoured chocolates, our favourite was “Paradise“, a marigold yellow morsel tinged with green, and filled with passionfruit caramel, studded with toasted macadamia nuts and coconut ganache. Our second favourite was the “Raspberry Lychee.” Below were the other flavours in our box, and pictured below:

  • Light Orange Salted Caramel
  • Paradise
  • Lemon Cream
  • Lavender Dark Chocolate
  • Tequila Lime
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Hazelnut Praline Crunch
  • Raspberry Lychee
  • Campari, Blood Orange and Black Sesame

Our verdict

Legend has it that once the rain dissipates, and the sun peeks through the clouds, at the end of the rainbow, you will find a pot of gold. We are (hopefully) coming to the end of a cloudy period of time. In the meantime, we are going to close our eyes and pretend that a golden box of kaleidoscopically-coloured chocolates from Borough Chocolates may just be that lucky pot of gold.

Dessert adventure checklist

  1. ☑ Dessert destination:  Borough Chocolates, order via online delivery platform here.
  2. ☑ Budget: $$-$$$ ($27 for a box of 9 chocolates, plus postage or local pick-up).
  3. ☑  Sweet irresistibles: Chocolate.
  4. ☑  Must-eat:  The “Paradise” flavour.
  5. ☑  The short and sweet story: At the end of the rainbow.


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