Dessert Compass

Dessert lover, welcome to MoMo & Coco’s Dessert Compass.
Use this page (and use it wisely), to guide you, not only through our site, but to your next dessert adventure.
Each word in bold is hyperlinked to further sugar coma.

When would you like to indulge…

Dessert at brunch or breakfast?
In the afternoon?
Anytime, anywhere, now, please? Read on!

Do you want to eat in…

Restaurant, cafe or specialty sweet boutiques?

Do you fancy…

Traditional or contemporary desserts?
Something with your morning coffee or tea? How about waffles, french toast, crepes, or pancakes?
The velvety warmth of pure unadulterated chocolate in winter?
The melting glory of ice cream and frozen treats in summer?
Do you agree that cake, mousse-cakecake bread, red velvet anythingpastry, eclairssconescheesecakepies and tarts and cookies are the ultimate multivitamins (carbohydrates, protein, diary, sugar)?
Desserts with elements of chocolate, cream and custard, souffle, doughnut, fruit (particularly citrus), confectioneryice cream, parfait?
Or perhaps you would like to sample the next “it” thing? Macarons and meringue, whoopie pie, cupcakessalted caramel, popcorn?

Are you interested in…

The newest and the most fabulous of Dessert Trends?
Starting your eating backwards, with desserts first and only, dessert degustation?
Or the tradition of high tea, taken three tier or buffet? How about themed?
Perhaps the simpler but no less delicious devonshire tea?
Or other special treats, — once-off or pop-up secrets or Christmas fun!

Are you in the mood for…

Romance or special occasion?
Do you want to multi-task? Savour desserts while immersing in culture and heritage?
Have the convenience of travel and desserts in a hotel?
Or savour desserts and gaze at the sun as it rises or set on the waterfront?

Would you like to “dining-armchair” travel…

To Europe? Modern European or Pan-European?
Western Europe? French, ItalianModern Spanish, or Spanish desserts?
The border of Europe? Eastern European, Russian?
The achingly sweet desserts of Greece or the Middle East?
The freely gluttonous spirit of American desserts?
Caramel-centric Latin American desserts?
A taste of the Orient with an edgy twist? Modern Asian, Modern Thai?
 Or more traditionally South East Asian, Malaysian, or Nyonya?
Savoury East Asian desserts? Chinese, Yum Cha, or Japanese?
Or why not try Modern Australian or Indigenous Australian?
Or something collective, such as Asian desserts, French-style patisseries, or where East meets West?

Would you like to actually travel to…

Australia (Melbourne or Sydney)?
 New York?
London? United Kingdom?
Hong Kong?