About Us

MoMo & Coco

We are three atoms of sugar (CnH2nOn), one currently found in a natural state in New York City, the other two still based in our hometown of Melbourne.


A dessert-only review and travel blog** — not industry affiliated, no recipes.
Established 2011.  First of its kind in Australia.
As of 2017, an NYC focus, but with global coverage.


Exploring breakfast desserts, sweet boutiques, restaurant desserts and high teas in a quest for the best desserts.


Specialty focus.


Sugar fun and travel escapades comprise our content.


Evoking exquisite dessert dreams is our aspiration.


Rules that govern us – no invasive cameras, no name-dropping, no hyperventilation.


Taste, talk and travel — to add and appreciate human-created sweetness in life.

*When considering this website, it should be kept in mind that all reviews are entirely subjective personal reviews and reflective of our experiences only at a particular point in time. In no way should the content of this site be seen or taken as advice nor as critique. At the most, the reviews are aimed at analysing rather than critiquing. We disclaim all liability for content linked to or from this site, and comments or other content created by parties or persons other than us. 

*The entirety of this site insofar as it has been created by us, including but not limited to domain name, words, photographs and designs, remains our property, and should not be copied in whole or part, directly or indirectly, without our express, prior and written permission.