Hello from NYC!

…Not all who wander are lost…
(J.R.R. Tolkien)

What an understatement to say that time flies! We launched this site in May 2011, published with some regularity until mid-2013, and then became as unpredictable as Melbourne’s weather. We covered Melbourne initially, became nomadic and corresponded from London and Hong Kong periodically, and turned dormant. To those of you who have endured our long absence, thank you for your continued support. And to those who have wandered off as we had, we look forward to sharing our future adventures with you while based in yet another city…New York!

Our focus will still be dessert, so never fear! However, we are also hoping to reach more of you through travel narratives. Dessert after all, is a universal creation to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. So even though we might be based in NYC, we will feature desserts beyond NYC, including from our fabulously beloved Melbourne.

Without further ado, we look forward to reconnecting with old and new dessert-lovers (join us by email, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and/or if you find yourself in NYC, give us a shout!). With promises not to wander off again, we sign off with a…

Merci et Bon Appetit!

MoMo & Coco



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