Sugadeaux Cupcakes (Melbourne)

Made-to-order cupcakes with mouthfuls of dreamy creamy icing albeit slightly dry bases.

Our experience

Sugadeaux is an online-order cupcake company, whose founders take their cupcake dream very seriously. They apparently visit the States on an annual basis to rediscover new and upcoming cupcake flavours and techniques. Unless you have a function to plan, online orders require a bulk order. This is an obviously significant predicament to sweet-tooths on the hunt for something small and sweet to satisfy the sweet craving. No fear! Sugadeaux cupcakes are stocked in a number of inner-city cafes on a rotating and weekly basis. Check their website to be notified of where they are being stocked. This is a small sampling of some Sugadeaux cupcakes that MoMo & Coco have surreptitiously carried back to the office over the past few weeks from a CBD stockist ($4.50 each). Apologies for the poorer-than-usual photo quality — on each sampling trip, we simply could not wait until after work, back home with a proper camera to sink our teeth into these irresistibles. Indeed, on two occasions, we failed entirely to remember to photograph before indulging in a sweet work dream. This one is the Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake, a vanilla cupcake with an extraordinary tapered pagoda tower of strongly-flavoured strawberry cream icing, adorned with a sugar daisy flower.

If you like all things chocolate, the Cookies and Creme Cupcake is a fantasyA dense chocolate cake layered with a vanilla cream frosting, with chunks of chocolate cookies making the top of the cupcake resemble a landscape of snow-covered chocolate mountains. Our kind of a wonderful daydream at work.

MoMo & Coco miss the US so much. We know this is bad, but we salivate with memories of pecan pies, pumpkin pies, maple sugar pies, chocolate peanut butter milkshakes, the most massive pizzas, deep fried southern chicken…while simultaneously grimacing at the memory of the 10kg or so that we had to run off after returning! Indulging in Sugadeaux’s Red Velvet Cupcake is a somewhat lighter, guilt-free way of re-living those memories. And, another way to achieve a sugar hit and dash of scintillating red lip colour in one mouthful.

Outside of a range of standard flavours, Sugadeaux also periodically introduces unique icing flavours, three of which are shown below. One of MoMo & Coco’s seasonal favourites is the Bluberry Pie Cupcake. Comprising a vanilla cake base, blanketed with a lip-smacking, spoon-licking spread of blueberry cream frosting, with small piece of blueberries enveloped within. Dusted with a crumble of pie crusts.

Throw aside the Tim Tam, because in MoMo & Coco’s opinion, the best cookie invention goes to Arnott’s Mint Slice. Chocolate and mint are simply irresistible soulmates. Together, they consummate their destiny in Sugadeaux’s Mint Slice Cupcake. The cupcake base is a simple chocolate one, topped with a strongly-flavoured, tingly mint icing sensation, with a chocolate lattice decoration adding a flourish.

For yet another dose of American nostalgia, MoMo & Coco recommends the Peanut Butter Choc Cupcake. A Noble Prize should go to whomsoever dreamt up combining peanut butter and chocolate — protein tick, sugar tick, carbohydrates tick. It is the food to end all wars. Here, the rich, buttery, creamy comfort of a thick cap of peanut butter icing is balanced with a chocolate cupcake base.

Our verdict

Sugadeaux cupcakes somewhat lack the variety of cake base flavours and that moistness characteristic of Little Cupcakes‘ and Babycakes‘ irresistibles. Instead, Sugadeaux irresistibles distinguish themselves by their luscious and delectably different icing frostings, as especially found in their seasonal creations. So if you are a sweet-tooth who rate cupcake icing as more delectable than a moist cake and/or prefer a different cupcake flavour, sign up online to know which and when an inner-city cafe near you will be stocking Sugadeaux cupcakes. Otherwise, the company also offers monthly cupcake sampler packs that are available for pick up in inner-city Prahran.

Dessert adventure checklist

  1. Dessert destination: Sugadeaux Cupcakes, available online and at selected cafes.
  2. Budget: $.
  3. Sweet irresistibles: Cupcakes.
  4. Must-eat: The “Peanut Butter Chocolate” cupcake.
  5. The short and sweet story: Made-to-order cupcakes with mouthfuls of dreamy creamy icing albeit slightly dry bases.

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