Ganache Chocolate (Melbourne)

Stunning chocolate sculptures for the child and child-adult.

Our experience

Stepping inside a Ganache Chocolate boutique is like stepping inside a little chocolate bite. Everything is a deep dark velvety brown. The pervasive chocolate fragrance evokes our favourite childhood book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” by Roald Dahl. Like Charlie Bucket, MoMo & Coco stands at the entrance of Ganache Chocolate and simply chromes the air…hmmmmm…irresistible……

At the very last moment on the evening before Good Friday, with great persistence and determination, one part of MoMo & Coco trekked to both Ganache Chocolate boutiques to locate two of the most stunningly crafted chocolate bunny moulds that we have seen in a long time ($29 and $35 respectively). We think that those behind Ganache Chocolate may possibly give some of the up and coming Parisian chocolate sculptors, Mssrs P. Roger, J-C Rochoux, M. Chaudun, J. Genin, G. Larnicol etc, a run for their money. Beautiful, non?

Our verdict

Ganache Chocolate stocks a devastatingly beautiful array of miniature chocolate bites, chocolate blocks, chocolate sculptures, mousse-cakes and a small selection of macarons. To MoMo & Coco, the product that distinguishes Ganache Chocolate from other Melbourne chocolate shops has to be their chocolate sculptures (although, a special mention to their cake slices too). Apart from the seasonal creations depicted in this journal-blog post, Ganache Chocolate also offers an assortment of sculptures throughout the year. They make for a very fine centrepiece for an at-home dinner party, or for that very special child, or young-at-heart-adult. And most importantly, they taste as good as they look!

Dessert adventure checklist

  1. ☑ Dessert destination: Ganache Chocolate, 250 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Vic 3141; 245 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, Vic 3000.
  2. ☑ Budget: $$-$$$.
  3. ☑ Sweet irresistibles: Chocolate.
  4. ☑ Must-eat: Chocolate sculptures.
  5. ☑ The short and sweet story: Stunning chocolate sculptures for the child and child-adult.

Ganache Chocolate on Urbanspoon   Ganache Chocolate on Urbanspoon


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