The Cookie Encyclopedia – The Best of NYC’s Home-style Chocolate Chip Cookies


As our first entry to the encyclopedia of the “Best Cookies” in NYC, we wrote last month in some length about two categories of cookies: i) the chunkiest cookies, and ii) the largest dinner-plate-sized cookies.  Today, we explore the wonder of home-style cookies — being smaller, but no less delicious, cookies.  These cookies wouldn’t look out of place in a glass container in your kitchen, and moreover, they recall childhood memories of impatiently waiting at the stove-side, waiting, waiting, w-a-i-t-i-n-g for that memorable smell of chocolate and dough and brown sugar to waft outwards and upwards.

Cookie Category 3:

Home-style beauties

Sometimes, wonderful things arrive in (slightly) smaller  packages.  For cookies of less gargantuan, less potentially-diabetes-inducing proportions, than the chunky and dinner-plate-sized cookies previously reviewed, allow us to introduce you to the more manageable, saucer-plate-size cookies from a number of places, including – in photographic order – :

  • The high chocolate-to-dough ratio in the triple-chocolate version from City Bakery;
  • The special promotions that allow you to fill an entire box from Insomnia;
  • The one embedded with macadamias, walnuts and almonds from one of our favourite patisserie-cafes in the city, Maman;
  • The nostalgic, slightly misshapen option from Baked;
  • The sweet, almost caramelized interpretation from Buttermilk Bakeshop, or the definitively more caramel-ly version with a hint of salt from Daily Provisions (note the long lines of cookie fanatics especially on the weekends);
  • The super-tanned, Kosher-friendly cookie with smokier caramel tones from Breads (also, don’t miss the chocolate babka here either); and
  • The sweet mount dotted with many, many tiny chocolate pebbles from Milk & Cookies.

Our favourite of the home-style cookies in NYC?  That has to be, the chocolate chip cookie from Sweet Corner Bakeshop, flecked with sea salt crystals.  A close second favourite would be the cookies from either Buttermilk or Daily Provisions as described-above (and featured in full below).

Look out for yet another installment to the NYC Best Cookie Encyclopedia to be published soon!!


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